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A Writer Who Doesn’t Quit When Things Get Tough

Simon Green started his writing career back in 1973. He studied in University of Leicester where he got his degree in Modern English and American Literature. His first story was written in 1976 titled, Manslayer. Simon has a peculiar fondness to dark stories with a touch of fantasy which reflects to his novels. His life as writer had ups and downs before he became known and regarded as one of the best-selling authors in his genre. It took numerous rejection letters to the point that he was considering to give up, and start a new career. On the verge of leaving it all behind, the universe decided to side with him. In 1998, he sold marvelous seven novels in just two days after working for Bilbo’s Bookshop. His journey as a writer is an inspiration to all of us. He was jobless for three and a half years, yet he didn’t quit writing because he knew that writing is his craft. He is good at it no matter what the publishers say and no matter how many rejection letters delivered to his mailbox. The world may not appreciate his writing at those times, but eventually the world has changed its heart. Fans are anticipating for his next book. His stories are even being talked about in dating sites nederland. There are forums and fansites made by his relentless supporters.

Simon Green’s Writing Style

Simon loves adding element of surprise to his novels. He thought of the story well in advance. He likes a detailed story and hate loose ends, yet he knows how to leave spaces for some twists and accidents that will bring his readers at the edge of their seat. You’ll also notice that Simon publish his books in series. He believes that characters can change, they grow, and think differently. As you read succeeding series, the characters evolve, and he does it so wonderfully. You’ll definitely be asking for more. If you haven’t read his work, this is the perfect time that you do.


Must Read:

sci fi

Hawk and Fisher

An enjoyable creation from Simon Green. It is thought-provoking with lots of action and mystery. The setting is in a dark town called Haven. The story revolves around a couple who both work as cops in a chaotic town full of dark intent and death. Hawk and Fisher will make you guess all the time, and still be surprised in the end.


Forest Kingdom

This is one of Simon’s epic fantasy book. It is well-written from the beginning to end. The book is a mixture of many things. It will make you sad, scared, laugh, and empathise with Rupert (main character). Rupert is expected to kill a dragon; however, it turned out opposite. The dragon became his friend. And together, they are going to fight real monsters of the Darkwood forest.

Simon actually has many other incredible book series for sci-fi fantasy lovers. We find Hawk and Fisher and Forest Kingdom the best. His other best-selling books that you should not miss are Deathstalker, Ghost Finders, Nightside, Secret History, and Standalone.

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