Is this a fan site?

Blue Moon Rising is a tribute site to Simon Green. We think that he is a great writer who has written incredible Sci-Fi books. He deserves more credits than getting good reviews from dat site reiews. We are fans and also aspiring writers who want to be like him.

How to be a member?

You may register on our website, and become active in our forums. If you have a composition that you would like us to feature, as long as you are a member, we’ll do it for you.

Do you provide free E-book version for the books you feature?

No. Writers spend enormous amount of time and creativity to give you quality stories. We believe that we should at least make a purchase as a way of saying thanks. Instead, we provide honest book reviews.

Is Simon still writing a new Series?

Yes. His newest series is the Ishmael Jones Mystery. We can expect more from Simon from this series.

Are you willing to feature a book outside the Sci-fi genre?

As much as possible, we keep our website focused in sci-fi novels. But if more of our members would request for it, then yes.

Where is the best place to get his books?

A hard copy from your local bookstore would be nice. But if you prefer the pdf version, you can visit his official site. Simon’s books are best-selling in amazons, ebay, and booktopia.