Deathstalker Series

Simon Green released Deathstalker in 1995. But it took him until 2005 to release the final book “Deathstalker Coda”. Fans have been waiting for a good finale. It took years, but the waiting is all worth it. Deathstalker is about Owen Deathstalker seeking revenge for the death of his father. He is a broken soul that turned out to be a hero like Victoria Milan. Outnumbered he knew, he formed alliances and his own army to fight against the cruel empress. He didn’t know that he was meant to be the leader of his clan. He refuses his destiny, but his destiny is already has been written even before he was born.


Deathstalker Rebellion

On this series, Deathstalker has a bounty on his head. The mighty Queen Lionstone XIV is still his big enemy. Her forces got better. The chances of him winning in this rebellion are getting smaller and smaller with the bounty on his head. The series has a lot of action to the point that you’ll get lost a little bit. But Simon Green has a good way of bringing us back in the right direction as he slowly unveils the mystery unanswered from the first series.

Deathstalker War

warThe inevitable war happens in this series. Both parties refuse to give up. The tyrannical Queen Lionstone XIV is giving all her might to protect her crown. Deathstalker War is one of our best picks in this book series. Aside from the full-packed action, Simon Green never failed to show the different sides of the characters in his novels. Dating sites cannot get enough of this series. You’ll often times find yourself relating to these characters and feel for them as if you are part of the story.

Deathstalker Honor

The battle is won. Now that the cruel empress is out of the position, humans are facing a much bigger threat. Aliens are getting ready for an invasion. Deathstalkers once again needs to face a battle bigger than he is. Can he lead his people to succeed against these extraterrestrial beings? Will their 50plusmatch fleet can withstand the more advanced fleets of the enemies? Prepare to read-binge on this one because we guarantee you, you’ll drop everything you are doing just to find out what’s going to happen next.