Hawk & Fisher Series

The series is about a married couple who work for the City Guard which resembles the modern police force today. You’ll indulge yourself with the different timelines used in the series. It has medieval elements, the revolution of industrialization, and breakthroughs of the renaissance period. Hawk and Fisher are partners in everything. You can imagine them as an ordinary couple who can kick ass, yet they have the romance of elitepartner single portraits or gratis dating site. This couple doesn’t fight ordinary crime, they deal with magical creatures and monsters.

Succeeding Novels from Hawk & Fisher Publication:

Winner Takes All


Both Hawk and Fisher got promoted for fulfilling their duty with excellence from the first series. In the winner takes all, they were assigned to be bodyguards of a reform candidate, James Adamant. He made quite a lot of enemies, and these enemies, Hawk and Fisher need to protect him against. The couple once again fighting a deadly game where the winner takes all. Nothing is waiting for the losing side except death. Simon Green is applauded by the parship max visits for writing this exciting series. Once you start reading, you get hooked, you cannot stop. The political, personal, and supernatural  story will keep you reading till the last page.

The God Killer

In The God Killer, Hawk and Fisher are caught in a supernatural war. The story revolves around the Haven’s Street of the Gods where gods are being killed. This time they the couple has to be a peacemaker and obliged to work with a magician, a seer, and a swordsman called the God Squad. The team is a dream team for gratis dating site. The world is counting on this dynamic duo to prevent the biggest war that would destroy the Earth and would erase every creation.

The Ghost Finders answer a distress call from the Web Traffic Experts private research center of one of the world’s biggest drug companies, where the police enforcement agents have vanished. They have no idea what they’re facing except a deadline that threatens to remove the entire building from existence if they fail to get to the mystery’s bottom.

Wolf in The Fold

suddenWolf in the Fold clings to a more realistic side but with still a touch of fantasy. They are assigned to undercover the dark secrets of high society. They met MacNeil, an heir, a black sheep of a wealthy and influential family. He is a terrorist despite his wealthy bloodline. Hawk and Fisher risk their lives to protect MacNeil’s next victims. The setting is quite simple, yet it has full of action which the datingsite love about this series. Readers wished that Simon could have made this series longer.

Guard Against Dishonour

A drug that brings out a vicious animal to those who take it. Bloodshed everywhere. Dead Bodies rises higher faster than a disease. Guards are doing the best they can to stop the people who distribute this deadly drug, but it seems the enemy is always one step ahead. All of the evidence disappears and the perp is released. Hawk and Fisher are now targets from above. But instead of being taken off duty, they are split up. Hawk has to find out what happened to the evidence while Fisher is volunteered for a suicide mission guarding some peace talks.
Somehow, thing goes wrong. They need to clear their own names and find out what happened to their partner. Not an easy task when everyone in the city wants the reward for turning in their corpses and buy high converting traffic. There must be a traitor among the guards. Who could that be? Hawk and Fisher are again fighting enemies who stronger than them with a high level of influence etsy ranking optimisation  in the society.