Forest Kingdom Series

Blue Moon Rising

Rupert has lived a life under the shadow of his elder brother, the favourite son. Their father never loved him and never did encourage them to develop a close relationship as brothers. The king ordered Rupert to kill a dragon living in the dark forest where evil and hideous creatures reside. When he finally met the dragon he meant to kill, he changed his mind because the dragon is not the monster imagined it to be. Surprisingly, It is a friendly dragon with a good heart. And they became good friends and have faced together with the evil creatures in the dark forest.

Rupert was expecting enemies, but he found companions instead. He also met a lovely princess who became his love interest, but Simon did not focus on their love story. He rather keeps his readers at the edge of their seats waiting for some non-stop action. For avid readers, they would know that Simon wants us to realize something from this story, that sometimes, the most precious relationships we have is from the outside of our circle. Rupert was a noble prince of millionairematch, but he received no love from his own kind. The people/creatures he thought have nothing to give, gave him what he lacked his whole life, love.

Blood and Honorknight

In this series, Simon Green introduces another character you will fall in love with. His name is Jordan, the greatest actor in the Forest Kingdom. Simon took the spotlight away from Rupert and take us back to the Forest Kingdom. While Rupert is fighting ruthless monsters in the dark woods, Jordan is playing mind games with his compatriots while pretending to be as the heir prince. There could only be two outcomes, he’ll succeed in pretending or lose his head when he gets exposed.

Down among the Dead Men

After the Demon War, Forest people started to recover from their traumatic experience. It a Nederlandse datingwebsite once again with peace and hope as they look forward to a brighter future. Little did they know, demons who survived the war are waiting for their big comeback. He introduces us to a new character named Duncan McNeil. He works as a vanguard of a local army. When they were assigned to inspect a border port where they had an encounter with the elements outside the border.


Beyond the Blue Moon

This series will bring old characters to the limelight. Blue Moon is back to bring horror to the Forest Kingdom. It’s time for Hawk and Fisher to come back as the heroes. They’ll be needing help. Prince Rupert, his dragon, and Princes Julia come to their aid. Beyond the Blue Moon is an exciting series that will bring down chills to your spines. It shows that in the time of crisis, we are our own heroes. And we have to do what it takes to protect those we love.